About Investors Club

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The story

Investors Club was founded by an entrepreneur with a remarkable track record of building, buying, and selling more than 600 sites.


Andrej's addiction to growing profitable websites began in 2013, when he sold his first successful site for $8,400.


Two years later, he sold his subsequent site for $51,900. He was just getting started.

Andrej launched Brand Builders, a 'Done-For-You' website-building service.


The company hit 7-figures in its first two years.


Andrej then launched Alpha Investors, a company that offered buyers and sellers hands-on assistance with building, buying, and selling websites. Alpha Investors generated 7-figures in just over one year.

After helping more than 600 clients build, buy, and sell their businesses, Andrej grew frustrated with the existing status quo. There had to be a better way!


As a buyer, Andrej was fed up with the costly free-for-all that online brokerages had become. As a seller, he hated tire-kickers and paying huge commissions. So he created Investors Club, where sellers are treated fairly, and buyers are given their time back.

June 2022

Investors Club acquired by 3WAG.