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Discover businesses with a track record of at least 12 months of verifiable revenue and traffic history.

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We suspend non-responsive sellers that waste our buyers' time.

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While we manually curate all businesses submitted for sale, it’s your responsibility to perform thorough due diligence before purchasing. If needed, one of our partners can assist you with an in-depth audit.

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The asking price you see on the listings is what the seller would like for their business. Most sellers are open to offers. See a business you like? Contact the seller and start negotiating.

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FAQ Here are some questions we hear often. Have a question? Get in touch, and we will be happy to help.

What types of businesses will I find for sale at Investors Club?
You’ll find all types of digital businesses, including content websites (affiliate, display ads, lead generation, membership), e-commerce sites, SaaS businesses, service-based businesses, and other online business models.
Will I need to sign an NDA to view the listings?
No, you will not be required to sign an NDA to access the listings. However, confidential details (including the businesses name and URL, detailed financials and traffic information, etc.) are not visible to the public. You’ll need to create an account and login to view these details. Some details are only visible to premium members.
Why don’t you publicly reveal the URLs on listings?
We only show the URLs to registered premium members to protect sellers and future buyers from copycats. Sellers can decide if they want to share their business’s URL with free members or limit it to premium members only.
Does the seller have to sign a non-compete agreement?
While we don’t force sellers to sign non-compete agreements, as a buyer, you can request one. Sellers are usually open to signing a non-compete agreement if it’s essential for the completion of the deal.
Can I contact the seller?
Yes. If you have an account at Investors Club, you can contact sellers with specific questions or request a call before making an offer. If you are not seeing “request more information” contact form, please make sure you are signed in.
How do you decide on the asking price?
Sellers determine their own asking price. You can make an offer below the asking price if you think a lower price is fair.
Is the asking price negotiable?
Yes, it is. You can submit an offer lower than the listed asking price, and the seller can choose to accept, counter, or reject it. Keep in mind that some sellers are more flexible and eager to sell than others.
What type of due diligence do you conduct on these sites?

We make no warranty to the accuracy or completeness of the claims provided by sellers, and we strongly recommend verifying claims with a video walk-throughWe only perform limited checks on the businesses listed for sale. We reject anything that doesn’t seem legitimate or does not fit our acceptance criteria. Essentially you’re responsible to do your own verification and due diligence. We strongly recommend verifying all of the claims provided by sellers with a video walk-through and we make no warranty to their accuracy or completeness.

How does the buying process work?
You find a business that you like and make an offer. If the seller accepts your offer, the two of you will need to work together to facilitate the transfer or migration of the site and related assets. We recommend using an escrow service to protect both buyer and seller.
Can I resell the site I buy later through Investors Club
Yes, you can resell a site you purchased through our platform.
What kind of support do I receive from the seller after I purchase?
Most sellers are willing to provide at least 30 days of support after the purchase, as agreed upon in the Asset Purchase Agreement. The level of support and communication details should be outlined in the agreement. If post-sale support is a significant concern for you, these details are usually negotiable.

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