3 Proven Easy Wins to Increase Website Valuations

3 Proven Easy Wins to Increase Website Valuations

Website flippers are always looking for out-of-the-box tactics to increase a website’s revenues and thus valuations.

To achieve higher valuations, this can be done by obtaining more traffic resulting in an increase in revenues, or it can be done by implementing easy win tactics to take more advantage of your existing visitors.

In this write-up, I cover strategies that you can implement in a short amount of time resulting in higher website valuations.

Let’s get into it!

3 Easy Win Strategies to Increase Your Website’s Valuations

1. Implement Display Advertisements on Affiliate Sites

Affiliate sites monetize their traffic via affiliate links to products and/or services. In return, they get paid a percentage per sale, or payment per action.

With display ads, you get paid a rate per 1,000 visitors that come to your site and video ads.

Many niche website builders are hesitant to add display advertisements alongside their affiliate-based content. This is because of the thought that any clicks that end up happening on the display ads takes away from affiliate revenues.

However, the downside with affiliate revenues is that not every visitor will be monetized; not every visitor will purchase a product. These are the visitors we want to monetize with display ads. These are the visitors that were not going to buy anything anyways.

Adding display ads alongside your affiliate links can drastically improve your revenues. Here is an excellent video on this topic and case study:

Which advertising network?

Choosing a display ad network is key. The goal is to maximize revenues while minimizing impact to user experience. 

Here are the ad networks that are recommended for niche site creators:

  • Google Adsense
  • Monumetric
  • Newor Media
  • Ezoic
  • Mediavine
  • AdThrive

The premium networks include Mediavine and AdThrive which pay out the most per 1,000 visitors depending on the niche. However, Mediavine requires more than 50,000 pageviews whereas AdThrive requires more than 100,000 pageviews. Second choice would be Ezoic that pays out higher than Google Adsense, Monumetric and Newor Media, but usually less than the premium networks.

The best way to choose a network is to ask your manager what are the typical payouts per 1,000 visitors for similar sites on their platform. They should give you a range. 

If you want more information on each ad network highlighted above, feel free to check out our guide on the 15 alternatives to Adsense.


  • Adding display ads to your site will increase your revenues with minimal impact to existing streams of revenue
  • Display ads will slow down your websites so make sure to take that into account

2. Implement Video Advertisements

Video ads can provide an additional revenue stream to your bottom line with minimal impact to how your site operates. Adding them does not mean you have to remove some other element on your site, and thus it is an excellent supplemental income source.

Large publishers like Forbes and CNN have been using video advertisements for years now. Now, more and more display ad service providers have started offering video ads to lower traffic sites.

A proper video advertisement provided by Ex.co, Mediavine, AdThrive, among others can customize videos to be auto-muted and placed away from the major viewpoint of a user (i.e., on the bottom right of the page). This ensures the video ad plays in the background (without sound) and this is as non-intrusive as possible.


Here is an example of a scrolling video advertisement on desktop:

scrolling video advertisement


  • Video ads are a great way to add a new stream of revenue to your bottom line
  • Video ads can even improve your time on page since a subset of users will watch the videos

3. Add Comparison Tables

An easy win that many new niche site builders miss out on are product/service comparison tables added to their commercial content (i.e., buying guides, reviews) . Comparison tables showcase information about your product/service in a succing fashion.

Comparison tables should be simple and to the point. These are the elements I include to all of my tables:

  • First column should include your product/service image and title and be hyperlinked
  • Second column should include a bullet list of features or small description
  • Third column should include a call-to-action button that is a stand-out color
  • Your comparison table must be mobile responsive.

The ideal location to place your table is right under the introduction section of your content. A large subset of visitors to your page will click through via the table since their user intent would have been satisfied.


If you have an Amazon affiliate site, you can use plugins that create tables, such as AAWP. Here is an example of a AAWP table:

Example of comparison table used by SEO affiliates

If you are promoting products for e-commerce brands or services, you can use the Ninja Tables Pro plugin to custom create tables. Here is an example below:

Ninja Tables Pro Plugin Example

As you can see, the tables are to the point, easy to visualize, and provide a distinct call-to-action button.


  • Comparison tables will increase your clickthrough rates from your site to your affiliate links and this increasing your revenues
  • Place tables right under the introduction section

How Does Investors.Club Value Sites?

To increase a website’s valuation, you first need to understand how Investors.club performs their valuations.

The valuation baseline uses the last 6-months average revenues. Therefore, any easy win opportunities that are implemented on a site need to average out over at least 6-months to ensure you get the highest listing price.

If you need to sell but also want to maximize valuations, then implement the easy wins, and then wait 2-3 months so you can at least realize some of the upside.

Wrap Up: Implement, Wait for Growth, and Submit For Sale

I always apply the 80/20 rule (i.e., 80% of your earnings will come from 20% of your pages) when implementing easy wins. I focus on applying strategies to the top pages first, and if successful, deploy to all other pages.

After you have implemented the changes, make sure to wait for at least 3-6 months, and then submit your site for sale again. You will be surprised by the increase in the sale price!

Nayab Haider


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