4 Ways to Generate Interest in Your Listing

4 Ways to Generate Interest in Your Listing

Listing with Investors Club gives you access to a pool of vetted buyers so you can be confident that your site is being seen by serious investors. 

When a listing goes live, we take care of the big stuff like sharing it with our mailing list, VIP exclusive Discord community, and in our private Facebook group, Flipping Websites (18k members and counting). 

But, if you want to generate even more interest in your listing, there are 4 easy ways to do it. 

1. Verify Your Information 

At Investors Club we’re eliminating the risk of buying spam sites by only listing sites where both the seller and the information are fully verified. 

To avoid your listing standing out for all the wrong reasons, make sure to complete all the verification steps during the application process. 

The verification badges below are shown on every listing and should be green across the board to signal to buyers that the site is trustworthy.

verification badges

If there’s something missing or you want to add anything post-listing, contact us and we’ll sort it. 

 2. Give As Much Detail as Possible

Yes, you can breeze through the ‘Sell Your Website’ form giving as little detail as possible, but why would you? After all, if a buyer can see you haven’t put much thought into your listing, then why should they?

To generate interest, spend some time and effort crafting the type of answers you’d like to see if you were buying. 

Personal Background Form

Investors like detail, especially when you’re asking them to part with +4 figures. Use the listing form like a sales pitch and give honest, straightforward answers that show why a buyer can’t afford not to buy your site. 

If you’re having doubts about your original submission and it’s already live, let us know and we can update the copy for you. 

3. Communicate with Buyers

A good way to generate serious interest in your listing and develop relationships with potential buyers to open up conversations with them. 

Contact seller

Buyers have the option to privately message sellers or post questions via the ask the seller feature on each listing. 

To help get your site sold quickly, aim to respond to these questions and messages within one business day. Answer openly and honestly and be as helpful as possible. 

For many investors, buying a website is a big financial decision, and having a seller who is willing to answer questions or put to bed any concerns they might be having can be the difference between hitting that offer button and not. 

Message Seller Button

If buyers are looking to negotiate a deal, it’s likely that this will happen via direct message too and you wouldn’t want to miss out on that opportunity.

Please note that we do not recommend that you take discussions off-platform. Any deals brokered outside of the platform are not covered by Investors Club and break the terms of the exclusivity agreement.

4. Use Your Network 

Not all sellers are willing to go public about a sale but if you are, then sharing via your network (Linkedin, social media, etc) can be a good way to generate more interest in your listing outside of the Investors Club network. 

Sharing via your site’s email list is another option to consider too. Who knows, maybe one of your readers will want to take over the reins. 

However, a word of caution. This last option is not a good idea for sites whose brand is built around the owner. For example, readers of TomsRecipes.com might not be too thrilled to discover Tom’s no longer in the kitchen and this could have a detrimental effect on the business. 

If you’ve successfully got eyes on your listing and you’ve received an offer you’re ready to accept, we’ve written more about finalizing a deal here

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