Flippa Fees and Pricing: Is It the Best Option for Buyers & Sellers?

Flippa Fees and Pricing

Flippa is one of the leading marketplaces for buying and selling websites and online businesses. If you’re interested in using Flippa, you should understand how its fee structure works.

Flippa pricing can seem confusing because the company offers different fees and optional upgrades. But don’t worry, this article covers all the essential details. This article was last updated in 2024, following Flippa’s fee adjustments and the reintroduction of their “Entry” listing package and it contains the latest up-to-date information on Flippa pricing.

Is Flippa Free?

Before we go any further, let’s address a frequently asked question:

Is Flippa free?

No, Flippa is not free. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, both transactions incur fees on Flippa. While most of Flippa’s fees apply to sellers, there are also some fees for buyers. Let’s examine each category separately.

Flippa Fees for Sellers

Thinking about listing your website or online business on Flippa? Here are the fees to be aware of.

If you’re looking for a platform with a fee structure that’s simple and easy to understand (and also lower than Flippa’s), consider Investors Club. We charge no listing fees no success fees.

FeesFlippaInvestors Club
Listing fee$29 – $699$0
Success feeUp to 10%$0
Legal templates$199free
Private listing$199free
EscrowFee variesn/a
MigrationNot offeredn/a

Listing Fee

While many marketplaces and brokers don’t charge a listing fee, Flippa does. The listing fee is paid by the seller, even if the digital asset doesn’t sell. 

Flippa’s listing fee ranges from $29 to $699, depending on the listing price and the chosen package.

Entry listings are only available for listings priced below $10,000 for a $29 fee. They have a 60-day term and include nothing but the basic listing and standard support.

Standard listings are available for sites listed at $10,000 – $999,999. The fee varies from $59 – $99. They have a six-month term and include the basic listing and standard support.

Premium listings offer a six-month term with the option to make your listing private and require potential buyers to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). These listings receive added exposure through display ads and higher position in the search results. Pricing ranges from $299 to $599 depending on the listing price.

Ultimate listings are available for sites listed at $10,000 – $999,999. They offer a six-month term, the option for a private listing requiring NDAs, and legal document templates. These listings receive added exposure through display ads, higher position in the search results, and promotion in Flippa’s newsletter. Pricing ranges from $499 to $699 depending on the listing price.

Optional Upgrades

Flippa offers the website owner a few optional upgrades, including:

  • NDA & Confidentiality ($199): By default, listings on the Flippa platform publicly display the URL and website name. This upgrade allows you to keep the URL and name private and require potential buyers to sign an NDA to access certain details. Confidentiality is included in premium and ultimate listings at no additional cost.
  • Legal Templates ($199): Flippa offers industry-specific legal document templates for an additional charge. These templates are included in ultimate listings at no additional cost.
  • M&A Analyst Report ($499): A Flippa M&A analyst will provide operational and financial insights to evaluate the business’s performance.
  • Private Listing ($599): This option allows you to sell your business without a public listing on Flippa’s website. Instead, Flippa’s team acts like a broker and introduces your business to potential buyers directly.
Private Listing

All listings at Investors Club are private. The website URL is not displayed publicly and is only visible to Premium members.

Success Fee

Flippa charges a success fee for all listings sold on the platform. The success fee is a percentage of the sale, with decreasing percentages as the price increases. The price points it offers are:

  • Under $50,000: 10%
  • $50,000 – $99,999: 9%
  • $100,000 – $249,999: 8%
  • $250,000 – $999,999: 7%
  • $1,000,000 – $4,999,999: 5%
  • $5,000,000 – $9,999,999: 4%
  • Over $10,000,000: 3%

Brokered Service

Flippa also offers a brokered service, formerly called Managed by Flippa. This service provides sellers with a dedicated advisor to manage the sale. This option is only available for listings above $100,000, and is required for listings over $1,000,000.

The brokered service includes a $999 fee, valid for a 9-month term. This fee is non-refundable if the site doesn’t sell. Sellers also pay the success fee if the site sells.

Flippa Fees for Buyers

If you’re looking to buy a website or business on the Flippa marketplace, here are the fees to be aware of.


Flippa rolled out the Premium program for buyers in 2023. This membership program ($49 per month) is optional, but without it, you may miss out on the best deals on the platform. 

Premium members get access to new listings 21 days before the public (a perk that’s they call First Access). That means many of the best listings will be scooped up before non-members can even see them. 

Members also get a Premium Buyer badge and instant NDAs, rather than the standard 4-day wait for NDA approval.

Flippa has received criticism from users since rolling out the Premium program. Although it’s a buyer-focused program, it hurts sellers by drastically reducing the exposure of listings for the first three weeks. 

Additionally, it’s a new fee that Flippa started charging without offering substantial improvements in its services or value.

Due Diligence

Flippa offers buyers the option to pay for detailed due diligence reports and analyses. There are three different packages:

Red Flag Report ($1,500)

  • Analysis period: 1 year
  • Report size: 11-14 pages
  • Recommended for deals below $30,000

Standard Report ($2,000)

  • Analysis period: 2 years
  • Report size: 21-25 pages
  • Recommended for deals from $30,000 to $200,000

Enhanced Report ($2,500):

  • Analysis period: 3 years
  • Report size: 26-35 pages
  • Recommended for deals over $200,000


Flippa does not include an escrow service in its pricing, but they do have a partnership with Escrow.com that offers slightly discounted rates.

Additionally, they offer a similar solution called FlippaPay through a partnership with AscendantFX and Trolley. 

The escrow fees are charged to the buyer and are based on the selling price. The table below shows the fees for both options at different price points.

Transaction AmountFlippaPayEscrow.com

Flippa has partnered with ContractsCounsel to offer personalized legal services for buyers and sellers. Two packages are available:

This package was designed for simple transactions with a sale price of less than $100,000. It includes:

  • 30-minute introduction call & consultation
  • Drafting services for simple legal docs
  • 30-minute call to discuss the docs
  • One round of revisions
  • Asset or Share Purchase Agreement document
  • Bill of Sale document

This package was designed for more complex transactions and/or those over $100,000. It includes:

  • 60-minute introduction call & consultation
  • Drafting services for complex legal docs
  • 60-minute call to discuss the docs
  • Two rounds of revisions
  • Asset or Share Purchase Agreement document
  • Bill of Sale document
  • Letter of Intent document
  • Confidentiality Agreement document
  • Term Sheet document

Investors Club helps with drafting all legal documents at no cost to buyers or sellers. Our team is happy to help whenever possible. We’re not lawyers, but many buyer and seller questions are easily answered. 

Try Investors Club

Flippa pricing can be confusing. While it’s a popular online marketplace, it’s certainly not the only option.

If you’re looking for a Flippa alternative with lower fees that are easy to understand, you’ll appreciate Investors Club. Sellers pay no listing fee and no success fees when the site is successfully sold.

Try our valuation tool to see what your website might be worth or create a free buyer account.

Read our Investors Club vs. Flippa comparison for more details.

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