Flippa vs. Shopify Exchange: Where to Buy or Sell a Shopify Site

Flippa vs. Shopify Exchange

Shopify is the world’s most popular e-commerce platform, powering nearly 5 million websites. If you’re looking to buy or sell an e-commerce business, chances are Shopify will be your platform of choice.

You can choose from several online marketplaces when buying and selling e-commerce websites. Flippa is the oldest and most active marketplace for all kinds of sites. Exchange was a marketplace operated by Shopify specifically for buying and selling Shopify-powered businesses. 

Unfortunately, Shopify closed the Exchange marketplace in November 2022. Flippa is still an option, but it’s not always the best one. This article explains why, and also covers a few alternatives.

What Was the Shopify Exchange?

The Exchange was a marketplace operated by Shopify for buying and selling e-commerce websites built on Shopify. It operated from 2017 to 2022 and was a popular choice due to its low fees. 

E-commerce business owners could list their Shopify-powered websites for sale on the exchange. Buyers who specifically wanted a Shopify website could easily find sites available for sale.

Flippa Overview

Flippa was the first online marketplace for buying and selling online businesses, and it remains the most active marketplace with thousands of listings. While some online business brokers and marketplaces have specific requirements for sites they’ll list, Flippa is open to almost any website or online business.

You’ll find a number of e-commerce websites listed at Flippa, among other types of online businesses. While e-commerce was the exclusive focus at the Shopify Exchange, there is no specific focus at Flippa.

Because Flippa lists nearly any online business, regardless of its value or sales history, it can leave both buyers and sellers feeling frustrated. Buyers have to sift through hundreds of low-quality sites, and sellers have to be able to stand out from a sea of competition.

Other Shopify Exchange Alternatives

If you’re interested in buying or selling a Shopify website, you should consider some alternative marketplaces to Flippa. You want to make sure you get the right investment at the right price.

Investors Club

Investors Club lists content websites and e-commerce businesses, including Shopify-powered websites. Unlike Flippa, Investors Club doesn’t charge listing fees or success fees.

Flippa also charges additional fees for an escrow service and legal documents.

Read Investors Club vs. Flippa for a more detailed comparison.

Quiet Light

Quiet Light is an online business brokerage that sells all types of online businesses, including many e-commerce websites. Most of their listings are in the six or seven-figure range, so they’re more ideal for well-established and highly profitable businesses. 


Acquire is another popular marketplace. SaaS businesses make up more than half of the listings at Acquire, but it also lists many e-commerce sites. The asking prices at Acquire range from $10,000 to over $1 million.

Read Flippa vs. Acquire.com for more details.


Does the Shopify Exchange still exist?

No, Shopify officially closed the Exchange and it no longer exists.

When was the Shopify exchange closed?

It was closed in November 2022.

Why was the Shopify Exchange closed?

Shopify didn’t publicly disclose reasons for closing the Exchange. The official announcement simply said, “Shopify’s top priority is doing what is in the best interest of our merchants.”

There had been a number of complaints about misleading listings and businesses that weren’t valued appropriately. Shopify didn’t specify if these issues contributed to the decision to close the Exchange, but it’s clear that the Exchange was not a priority for the company.

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