How to Accept an Offer and Finalize a Deal

How to Accept an Offer and Finalize a Deal

Investors Club provides members with an easy transfer process, with sales verified and closed in just 7-14 business days. Instead of worrying about long wait times, all you need to focus on is accepting the right offer. 

Here’s how the process looks. 

The buyer makes an offer. 

Every listing is displayed with an asking price that is the result of our detailed valuation process. While we don’t operate an auction-type system, buyers do have the option to negotiate and send a lower price point. 

Full price offers are automatically accepted, but if a lower price offer is made, the seller has the option to accept, counter or reject the offer.

listing under offer

Once an offer has been made, we show ‘under offer’ message on the listing to let other buyers know that if they want the site, it’s time to act quickly. 

Offer Accepted 

With both parties agreeing on a price and an offer accepted, the Investors Club team kicks off the after-sale process. 

First, an Asset Purchase Agreement is drafted with all the details of the deal and sent to both parties to sign. 

With that complete, wire instructions are sent to the buyer with details of how to fund the Escrow. 

The buyer is given 3 days to fund the Escrow account. During this time, the listing is temporarily marked as ‘closed’ to make sure no new offers are made. 

The Transition Process 

Once the money safely lands in Escrow, the technical transition process begins. 

As part of our offering to members, Investors Club offers a free transfer service for every site bought and sold via our marketplace. This includes the transfer of:

  • Domain(s) 
  • Files
  • Hosting
  • Affiliate IDs
  • Various assets included in the sale (social accounts, email lists, etc.)

Inspection Period 

Once the transfer is complete our 14-day inspection period starts.

To offer buyers more security we monitor the earnings for 14 days after the sale to ensure that they don’t fall below expected. 

After the inspection period is complete and assuming everything falls within an acceptable range, the money is released to the seller, and the deal is officially closed. 

Both parties receive a Bill of Sale and the transaction is marked as complete. 

If you indicated a willingness to provide after-sale support for a specific time (as clarified in the Asset Purchase Agreement) this begins now. Ideally, we ask for at least 30 days of after-sale support from sellers (via email, Skype, or phone), although most Q&As are handled by the Investors Club team. 

Recommendations to Sellers 

  • Get to know your buyer first — Unless you’re looking to cash out quickly we recommend that you build a relationship with a potential buyer first so that a layer of trust is established. You don’t need to get their life history but exchanging a few messages and answering any questions or objections before accepting the offer is sensible as it gives you an opportunity to share useful wisdom about running the site successfully that could lead to a higher offer. 
  • Never close a deal or transfer assets off-platform — There’s a reason that we offer such a comprehensive selling process and deal with site migration etc in-house. It protects our members — both buyers and sellers. Never agree to transfer assets off-platform as you won’t be protected if things go sideways and if there’s an issue with funds then you’re on your own. Having a paper trail ensures that buyers can’t turn around and claim missing assets etc after the sale or hit you with legal action. 

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