How to Add a Listing

How to Add a Listing

Please visit this page to submit a listing. You must be logged in to Investors Club to create a listing. If you don’t already have an account, you can register here (it’s free). 

Once you’re logged in, click on the “add listing” button.

How to add listing

Next, select the package you want and click “continue.”

Listing your business on Investors Club is free. We offer additional marketing packages to increase the visibility of your listing, but these are completely optional.

How to add listing - packages

Next, you’ll see the “submit your listing” page where you’ll enter the details of the business you want to sell.

Buyers can explore our platform as one of three user types:

  • Public (non-members or members who are not logged in)
  • Free members (registered users who are logged in)
  • Premium members (users who have verified their identity, paid a fee, and logged in)

When you add a listing to the Investors Club, we use several guides and prompts to help you fill out the form:

  1. Color coding: more on this below
  2. Tooltips: hover over the question mark icons to see quick help
  3. Field placeholders: guidance or examples of what information is expected in that field
How to add listing - monetization options


We understand that confidentiality is crucial when selling your business. We provide several options to help you control which details of your business are visible to visitors and potential buyers.

Confidentiality Options

Default Settings

By default, we protect your sensitive information as follows:

  • Public: Only see the listing title, a short summary, asking price, revenue, profit, multiple, and other basic information about your business. If you’d like to see what public (non-registered visitors) see, open one of our listings using the “incognito mode” of your browser.
  • Free members: Have access to the full business description but won’t see the URL or detailed traffic and revenue information.
  • Premium members: Have access to all the information that registered members see, as well as the URL and detailed traffic and revenue information.

To help you quickly see which fields will be visible to which user/member levels, we use the following color-coding on the submission page.

  • Fields in green text: data will be visible to all visitors
  • Fields in purple text: data will be visible to logged in members (both free and premium)
  • Fields in orange text: data will be visible only to logged in premium members

Listing Fields

Listing Title: enter an engaging descriptive name, e.g. “6-Year-Old Reptile Care Blog with Low Workload” or “7yr old parenting and lifestyle content site earning $3,373/month”.

Category: Choose the category that best describes the business.

Short summary: Provide a brief overview of the business for sale. Think of this as an elevator pitch for this business, with 200 characters max.  

Keywords: Enter up to 15 keywords related to the business, separated by commas.

Established: Enter the year the business was founded.

Language: Select the primary language used for the business.

Industry: Choose the industry that best fits the business.

Tech Stack: List the main technology used in the business.

Team Size: How many people are on the team?

Country: Select the country where the business primarily generates its revenue. For example, if you are located in the USA but your business generates most of its revenue from the UK, select the UK.

URL: Enter the URL of the business being sold. Remember, this will only be visible to premium members. Free members can contact you, and it’s up to you what information you share with them privately.

Asking price: Enter the amount (in US dollars) the seller is seeking for the business. This is the desired price, but it may be negotiable.

Monetization summary: Write a short summary explaining how this business makes money. Include the approximate percentage split between different monetization methods, if there is more than one.

Annual gross profit: Combined gross revenue for the last 12 months, e.g. 22000. Please round up or down and enter whole numbers only; no decimals.

Annual net profit: Combined net profit for the last 12 months, e.g. 12000. Please round up or down and enter whole numbers only; no decimals.

Revenue sources: How does this business make money? Select the primary monetization methods that significantly contribute to revenue.

Profit and Loss Document (URL): If you have a P&L file online (e.g., Google Sheets) that you are willing to share with premium members, enter the URL here. The link will be visible to premium members only.

Profit and Loss Document (file): If the P&L is not available online, you can upload it as a file here. You do not need to provide both an online URL and an upload; one is sufficient.

Revenue and Profit (2023 and 2024): We will use this information to generate helpful reports that allow potential buyers to quickly assess your business and request more information. This data also helps us calculate and display Annual Gross Revenue, Annual Net Profit, Revenue Multiple, and Profit Multiple. Including data for 2023 will enable us to generate Year-Over-Year (YOY) trend reports. The minimum requirement is to provide data for the last 12 months.

Traffic summary: Write a short summary explaining how this website generates traffic, leads, and customers. 

Traffic sources: How does this business generate traffic/leads? Select all the significant traffic sources that apply (those contributing more than 5% of your total traffic).

Access to Google Analytics: Please grant access to your Google Analytics account to [email protected]. This greatly improves the chances of your business being accepted. We use Google Analytics data to create and display traffic charts and tables on your listing. If you need help on adding a user to your GA account, please refer to this tutorial.

Detailed business description: Provide a detailed description of the business. The more detail you provide, the better, as listings with complete descriptions have a higher chance of selling. Include key information about the business operations, unique selling points, target market, and financial performance. If you need help crafting a listing description, consider answering some of the questions in this document. (Note: If you include the business’s name or URL in this description it will be visible to free members.)

Gallery: Add photos to showcase the business and attract potential buyers. Photos can include screenshots of the website, product images, and any other visuals that highlight your business’s strengths. By selecting (clicking on a photo) one of the uploaded photos, you will set it as the Featured Image for this listing (marked by an icon with a star). Drag and drop thumbnails to reorder images in the gallery. Important: make sure you wait until all the images finish uploading before submitting your listing.(Note: Gallery images will be visible to free and premium members.)


Can I save my submission as a draft, and finish it later?

No. If you refresh a page, your information will not be lost. But your submission is not saved as a “draft” anywhere in your account so you will need to finish your submission in one go. Don’t worry though – our submission form only takes 10-15 minutes to complete.

My website makes money with Mediavine. Should I select “advertising” or “Mediavine”?

It’s best to select both. Some buyers search for Mediavine specifically, and some buyers search for websites monetized by advertising in general. Your website will show up in both searches when you select both options.

Still have questions about drafting your listing? Drop us an email, and we will respond as soon as we can.

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