4 Tips for an Easy Site Migration Process

4 Tips for an Easy Site Migration Process

Buying and selling websites can create a lot of admin. If you’re not prepared for it, then it’s going to slow down the migration process. Unless you’re a member of Investors Club that is…

As part of our membership offerings, we provide a full-scale site migration as standard. When you buy or sell through our platform, we take care of transferring:

  • Domains 
  • Site’s files
  • Hosting 
  • Affiliate IDs
  • Other assets included in the sale, eg. social media, email lists, etc

Investors Club also offers a fee-free escrow to facilitate the deal and provide added protection for both parties, as well as done-for-you legal documents, and a 14-day inspection period. 

With a database of verified buyers and sellers, no other online marketplace offers better protection. 

Since we take care of the site migration process, it’s already easy, but there are 4 things you can do to make it even smoother. 

4 Tips for an Easy Site Migration 

1. Create a new owner cheat sheet 

Sellers can help the migration process by providing an accurate estimate of how long it will take the new owner to get acquainted with the site.

In addition, identifying any potential problems they might come across and providing a list of need-to-knows will cut down on any potential teething problems. 

We typically ask that sellers are available to offer advice for 30 days post-sale, but by providing an FAQ cheat sheet upfront, you’ll cut down your need for assistance.

2. Check your contracts 

Site migration step 2: check contracts, image of contract and hand signing it

If your site currently works with freelance writers and designers, or you’ve negotiated deals on hosting, etc, check to see if these contracts will carry over. 

Buying a site that boasts limited upkeep and then finding out that all the time-saving hacks have left with the previous owner is going to result in one very unhappy buyer. 

Investors Club offers a 14-day inspection period while the money is held in escrow. If it turns out the website is not as advertised, you could end up with a failed deal. 

3. Draw up a list of target keywords

Another way you can help make the site migration easier is to draw up a list of targeted keywords (either in-use or identified) to help the new owner hit the ground running. 

Any gesture of goodwill during a sale could see you end up with a higher selling price, and the potential for a repeat customer if you decide to list another site in the future. 

4. Prep your Google Analytics 

site migration step 4: prep GA

screengrab of google analytics admin section

One of the great features of Google Analytics for those with portfolios of sites is the ability to link multiple sites to one account. However, when it comes to selling, you’re going to need to separate them.

For sellers with more than one site linked to their GA account, you’ll need to go through a pre-migration migration!

There’s a help article from Google to walk you through the process here, but essentially you’re going to need to create a new account, migrate the site and then give admin access to the new buyer.  

When it comes to selling your site, make life easier and sell with Investors Club. We’ll help take the stress out of site migrations, cover all the legal stuff, and save you money with our low seller fees. 

Try out our free valuation tool to see how much your site could be worth today, or if you’re ready to sell, take a look at our straightforward guide to listing with Investors Club.

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