Investors Club vs. Motion Invest: A Comparison of Curated Marketplaces

Investors Club vs. Motion Invest

While there are many online business brokers and marketplaces for buying or selling websites, some take a generalized approach and others specialize. Investors Club and Motion Invest both target specific types of websites and excel in certain price ranges. 

This article covers the essential details that influence which marketplace, Investors Club or Motion Invest, is right for you.

Investors Club vs. Motion Invest Summary

While Investors Club and Motion Invest serve similar markets, their differences are important for buyers and sellers who know what they’re looking for and want to save time.

  • Types of websites: Motion Invest focuses exclusively on content websites, while Investors Club lists content and e-commerce sites.
  • Minimum requirements: Motion Invest requires sites make at least $20 monthly revenue. Investors Club requires at least $500 (for content) or $1,000 (for e-commerce) per month to be listed.
  • Starter sites: Many of the sites listed at Motion Invest are considered “starter sites” — sites with limited history and minimal profit. Investors Club lists only established sites that meet our income requirements.
  • Fees: Motion Invest’s success fee ranges from 5-20%, depending on the price. Investors Club’s success fee is a flat 7%.
  • Auction listings: Motion Invest uses a Dutch auction approach (more details below) while Investors Club uses an auction only when requested by the seller.

Investors Club Overview

Investors Club is a curated marketplace for buying and selling content and e-commerce sites. Some marketplaces, like Flippa, are more open, with thousands of low-quality listings that aren’t vetted. Investors Club stands out from these platforms by only listing sites that meet specific standards. As a result, Investor Club is a legit Flippa alternative for those who prefer quality over quantity.

The Investors Club team manually verifies the traffic and revenue of every site before publishing the listing, and only lists sites with traffic or revenue claims that can be verified. Because of this, fewer than half of the submissions received are listed on the platform.

Investors Club’s listings range from $10,000 to more than $1 million, with many priced below $100,000. Quality sites in this price range are often hard for buyers to find. Many brokers ignore sites below $100,000, while most of the listings at marketplaces like Flippa are less than $10,000. As a result, Investors Club is the best place to find websites for sale between $10,000 – $100,000.

Another way Investors Club stands out from its competition is through the in-depth due diligence reports available for each listing. Buyers can quickly access important details and save time while evaluating potential acquisitions. The due diligence reports also help sellers by reducing the number of questions buyers ask.

Motion Invest Overview

Motion Invest was launched in 2019 and stands out from other marketplaces by focusing only on content-based websites like blogs and niche sites. While you won’t find e-commerce and other business models at Motion Invest, this marketplace is a solid choice for buying and selling content sites.

Like Investors Club, Motion Invest lists websites that most brokers ignore. Its listings range from less than $1,000 to more than $100,000, although most fall somewhere between $1,000 – $30,000.

Motion Invest also takes a similar approach to Investors Club in terms of curation and verification. Their team manually verifies the traffic and revenue of each website before listing it for sale. Only the sites that pass verification are listed.

One of the unique details of Motion Invest is the listing of starter websites in addition to established sites. Starter sites are typically priced $800 – $1,000. These sites have existing content but little traffic and income. Motion Invest doesn’t list the multiple for these sites because the price is based primarily on the existing content rather than revenue.

The inclusion of starter sites in the marketplace can be a pro or a con, depending on your outlook. Buyers who want established sites already making money may not appreciate the starter sites that add clutter to the marketplace.

Head-to-Head Comparison

Now, let’s look at how these two platforms compare in several key areas.

Types of Websites Listed

Motion Invest lists only content websites, while Investors Club lists content and e-commerce sites. Both of these marketplaces are solid choices for buyers wanting to buy a blog or affiliate website. Motion Invest, in particular, lists many Amazon affiliate websites.

The inclusion of e-commerce businesses is one of the most significant differences between Investors Club and Motion Invest. At Investors Club, you can buy or sell just about any type of e-commerce website (Shopify, Amazon FBA, dropshipping, print on demand, subscription box, etc.).

Listing TypesMotion InvestInvestors Club
Content Websites100%87.5%
E-commerce Websites0%12.5%

Typical Price Range

Although both of these marketplaces include listings below $100,000, they have some key differences. Since Motion Invest only requires $20 monthly profit, many of the sites for sale earn very little and are priced below $10,000. Note that, even though Motion Invest lists a required income of $20 per month, some listings have lower income (these are typically displayed as “starter sites” on their marketplace).

Motion Invest also lists established websites priced above $100,000, but relatively few. In general, Motion Invest is best for sites priced in the $800 – $30,000 range. Higher-priced sites can be listed in the marketplace, but Motion Invest has fewer buyers for them.

At Investors Club, listings range from $10,000 to more than $1 million. Many listings are between $10,000 and $100,000, but unlike Motion Invest, starter sites are not sold at all. 

Motion Invest is a more appropriate choice if you’re looking for a starter site priced below $10,000. Many of these sites have very little existing traffic or revenue, so you’re starting almost from scratch. 

Investors Club and Motion Invest are both solid choices for listings priced $10,000 – $30,000. Investors Club is more appropriate than Motion Invest for listings priced above $30,000, due to better selection and more buyers looking for sites in this range.

At the time of writing this article, this is what typical price range looks like:

Price RangeMotion InvestInvestors Club
Micro (less than $10k)57.1%2.3%
Small ($10k – $100k)38.1%63.6%
Medium ($100k – $1 million)4.8%27.3%
Large (over $1 million)0%6.8%

Quality and Quantity of Listings

Both Investors Club and Motion Invest manually review listings to ensure a good fit, and only select sites make it to the marketplace. Both marketplaces take a quality-over-quantity approach by targeting specific types of websites and manually reviewing each listing before publication.

The main difference between Investors Club and Motion Invest in terms of quality and quantity involves the starter sites that are prevalent at Motion Invest. Motion Invest typically has slightly more active listings than Investors Club. However, Investors Club typically has more established sites for sale.

The starter sites at Motion Invest also fall short in terms of quality, because they haven’t proven the ability to generate significant revenue yet. They provide a slight shortcut for buyers (compared to building from scratch), but don’t offer the same immediate income as an established website.

Seller Fees

Neither Motion Invest nor Investors Club charges a listing fee — sellers only pay a fee if their site sells. However, one of the major differences between these two platforms relates to how their fees are structured. 

Motion Invest uses a tiered success fee, so the percentage varies depending on the selling price.

  • Under $20,000: 20%
  • $20,000 – $50,000: 15%
  • $50,000 – $100,000: 10%
  • $100,000 – $500,000: 7%
  • Over $500,000: 5%

At Investor’s Club, the success fee is a flat 7% regardless of the selling price. 

The table below shows the success fee of each marketplace for sales at particular price points.

Selling PriceMotion Invest Success FeeInvestors Club  Success Fee

Buyer Fees

Motion Invest doesn’t charge any fees to buyers. Potential buyers can create a free account and place offers or buy a site for its list price.

Investors Club offers an optional premium membership for buyers. The premium membership provides:

  • Instant access to listings (5 days before free members)
  • Unlimited access to due diligence reports
  • Access to real-time data in Ahrefs dashboard, with 750 credits for due diligence research
  • Seller interview questionnaires
  • Downloadable profit & loss statements
  • Priority support

Investors Club premium membership costs $79 per month, $399 per year, or $1999 for lifetime access. Buyers who don’t want the premium membership can still use a free account to view listings and even purchase websites.


Another difference between Motion Invest and Investors Club relates to the way prices are handled. Motion Invest uses a Dutch auction approach. New listings are priced high, and the asking price is slightly reduced every two days until the site sells or reaches the reserve price (the lowest price it will sell for). The price decreases are calculated to reach the reserve 30 days after listing.

With the Dutch auction approach, sites that sell quickly will go for the highest prices, relative to the reserve. Buyers can wait for the price to drop, but they may miss out on the site if someone else buys it first.

Investors Club also uses Dutch auction listings — when requested by seller. Typical Investors Club listings have an asking price. Potential buyers can send an offer, which the seller can accept, reject, or counter. Asking prices may be reduced if the site is listed for a while, but there’s no set schedule.

Verification and Vetting

Investors Club and Motion Invest both perform some level of verification for each listing. This is a major advantage over some marketplaces, like Flippa for example, which only manually verifies listings over $50,000.

Motion Invest verifies the traffic and revenue of each site submitted. They ask for Google Analytics access to verify traffic, and screenshots or videos of dashboards as proof of income. The site isn’t listed for sale if their team cannot verify these details.

Investors Club also verifies traffic and revenue for every deal submitted. Each listing has to pass a manual verification and due diligence process. Investors Club also verifies the identity of every buyer and seller.


Most sellers prefer to have their website’s name and URL hidden. Both Investors Club and Moton Invest hide these details from the public at no cost to the seller. However, Investors Club provides greater protection for sellers.

Visitors logged into a free account at Motion Invest can see the name and URL of the sites for sale. So while these details are hidden from the public, anyone can quickly create a free account to get full access.

Investors Club not only hides the website name and URL from the public, but buyers who create a free account must also provide proof of funds before they see the names and URLs. Buyers have to provide bank statements or other documents to show at least $10,000 in liquid assets before being able to access the names and URLs of the sites listed. This helps to protect sellers from competitors or others seeking information without serious intent to buy.


Investors Club and Motion Invest both provide free escrow services for every transaction. Both act as the escrow agent, rather than integrating with a third party like 

Here’s the basic process at both marketplaces:

  • The buyer transfers money into the escrow account managed by the marketplace
  • The website and assets are transferred from the seller to the buyer
  • The funds are released to the seller after the inspection period

Both of these marketplaces offer an advantage over other marketplaces that charge additional fees for escrow.

Migration Assistance

Another similarity between Investors Club and Motion Invest is that both offer free migration or transfer assistance for each transaction. Migrating a website to a new host and transferring everything can be a painstaking process. Many other marketplaces don’t offer any type of migration assistance, so this is a significant advantage.

Investors Club Pros and Cons

Investors Club Pros

  • E-commerce sites: While Motion Invest only lists content websites, Investors Club also lists e-commerce sites.
  • Only established websites: Investors Club’s marketplace isn’t cluttered with starter sites.
  • Better selection above $30,000: Most of Motion Invest’s listings are below $30,000. Investors Club is a better option above this amount.
  • Simple success fee structure: Investors Club’s flat success fee is simpler than Motion Invest’s tiered fee structure.
  • Generally lower fees: Investors Club’s success fee is lower than Motion Invest’s for all sales below $500,000.
  • In-depth due diligence reports: Premium members can access helpful reports that save hours in research.
  • Confidentiality: Investors Club provides better confidentiality for sellers than Motion Invest.

Investors Club Cons

  • Only suitable for sites that meet the income requirements: Sites that don’t make at least $500 (for content) or $1,000 (for e-commerce) per month aren’t eligible for the marketplace.
  • Success fees are slightly higher in the top end price tier: The 7% success fee is higher than Motion Invest’s 5% fee for sales above $500,000.

Motion Invest Pros and Cons

Motion Invest Pros

  • Focus on content websites: Motion Invest’s focus on content websites has helped it to differentiate itself from other marketplaces.
  • No minimum revenue requirements: Bloggers and site owners can list on Motion Invest even if the site only earns a small amount.
  • Better selection below $10,000: Motion Invest lists many sites for sale below $10,000.
  • Lower success fees above $500,000: The success fee of 5% in this range is slightly lower than Investors Club’s 7% fee.

Motion Invest Cons

  • Lots of starter sites: Many of the listings are starter sites with very little traffic or revenue.
  • Limited selection above $30,000: Most of the listings are priced below $30,000. There are few established sites with higher earnings.
  • Very limited confidentiality: Anyone can create a free account and see the names and URLs of each listing.
  • High fees in low price ranges: The success fees go as high as 20%. Only sales above $500,000 have a lower success fee than Investors Club.

Investors Club vs. Motion Invest: Final Verdict

Motion Invest and Investors Club are similar in some ways. Both are curated marketplaces that have specific standards. Both verify traffic and revenue for each listing. And both welcome listings below $100,000, which some other marketplaces ignore.

Either of these marketplaces is appropriate for buying or selling a blog or content website, whether you’re an experienced buyer or seller, or if this is your first-time.

Despite the similarities of these marketplaces, there are a few important differences. First, Investors Club is the better option for e-commerce businesses (Motion Invest doesn’t list them). 

Second, Investors Club is a better option for sites (content or e-commerce) priced above $30,000. Most of Motion Invest’s listings have low earnings and low valuations.

Third, Investors Club’s fees are significantly lower in most price ranges. The only price range where Motion Invest’s success fees are lower is above $500,000 (and Motion Invest lists very few sites in this range).

If you have a website you want to sell, complete our seller submission form. If you want to buy a site, create your account here.

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